Old Friends

Old friends are so wonderful!  You can be away from each other for a long time, but when you get together it’s as though you have never been apart.

Jean and Marv came last evening.  We spent the evening and morning sharing old stories (and new stories) and catching up on mutual friends.  We laughed and laughed until my cheeks were sore.

These are the types of friends for whom you don’t have to have everything spic and span.  They don’t mind the dust.

Thank you, Lord, for old friends.

On the other hand, getting older has some difficulties.  I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time.  I had forgotten how to get on the site and my password.  Yes, you can teach and old dog new tricks.  That does not mean, however, that the old dog can remember the trick.  Sigh.

It feels good to write again.  Thank you, Lord, for this too.


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