We have two young people living with us these days.  One will only be here for a week.  The other may be staying for six months or more.  To be honest, I was expecting stress.  Just the opposite is true.  When Jim and I allow people to be who they are, they are happier and so are we.  We promised our visitors space for time alone, availability if they wanted conversation, and freedom to make decisions about how they want to live their lives.  We have invited them to share our activities with Special Olympics — one has accepted that invitation wholeheartedly, one has avoided the opportunities.  To be honest, I wish both could stay permanently.  Not an option, I know.  But I’m glad the desire is there.

God did not make us to be identical to one another.  No cookie cutter people.  Each of us was made unique.  Different gifts, different talents, different weaknesses.  I think the trick is to value the differences, not take the similarities for granted, and encourage one another to grow.  If we can truly see the other as a gift from a loving Father, it can be really fun!  I am enjoying these young adults.

Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful gifts.

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