I finally got to meet Cecilia.  She is beautiful!  Not old enough to sit up by herself, but old enough to totally charm those around her with her smile.

Her mother, Elizabeth, is one of those women to whom God gave wonderful maternal gifts.  What a calm, relaxed, attentive mom.  She looks as though she is truly enjoying the gift that Cecilia is.  Cecilia’s father, David, is an experienced father, having had children previously.  However, as experienced as he is, David is already under Cecilia’s spell.  Cecilia has him firmly wrapped around her tiny finger.

Cecilia is blessed.  God has given her parents who are committed first to him.  They will teach Cecilia that God loves her more than they do.  They will share with her God’s Word, and teach her the wonderful songs of the faith.  They will pray along with her, acting as role models for her own prayer life.  They will teach her that a relationship with God is possible, and that God is infinitely interested in every detail of her life.

Cecilia’s life will be steeped in love — love of family and love of God.   It will be a life steeped in service to others.

As I looked into Cecilia’s beautiful eyes, I saw a glimpse of God’s goodness.  When I saw her smile, I got a glimpse of God’s joy.

Cecilia, my prayer for you is that you will become the gently strong woman of God that he has designed you to be.  I pray that you will grow in your relationship with God, revel in his love, and joy in his delight in you.

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