I have been teaching Sunday School for children and youth for many years.  The joy I feel in teaching children is life-giving to me.

However, today I had the privilege of leading a Bible study for a small group of older adults who were very much engaged.  How satisfying it was!  We read the portions of the ninth chapter of Mark, asked questions and listened to each others insights.  We looked at photos of icons relating to the verses we read.

I was reminded of the Bible study group I attended in Minneapolis — a group of mature women who had been walking with Jesus longer than I had been alive.  People like Ruby Patzold.  What wisdom!  I was very happy to simply listen and learn.  It was like being back at the Lutheran Bible Institute — such wisdom and such love.

Today was like that.  Great insights and opinions and wondering.  I left joyful, lifted up and very, very grateful.