A Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s


Not simply just a word, but a “diagnosis”.
(That word “diagnosis” makes it sound even worse.)

Ugly words: “Not curable.” “Progressive.”

Dr. Sanchez spoke quickly:  of the disease, of how the brain works, of Jim’s MRI,
of the future, of what might happen.  As with many specialists, it was all very clinical, it was all very quick, it was all very cut and dried.

I felt Jim begin to wither beside me.  That was the word he most didn’t want to hear.  He seemed shocked, frightened, sad, diminished, angry, backed into a corner.

But Jim is not his “diagnosis”.
He is a human being.
He is a man, a husband, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a priest.
He is still Jim.

Amazing how one word, Alzheimer’s, can change your life, your outlook, your hopes, your dreams, your plans, your future.

So now what?

Now, more than ever,
we look for opportunities to love while we can,
we look for opportunities to serve while we can,
we look for hope always.

Now, more than ever,
we look confidently to God for strength, for guidance, for wisdom, for comfort.

Now, more than ever,
we look to each other for love, for acceptance, for patience, for kindness, for companionship, for partnership, for compassion.

Now, more than ever,
we look to family & friends for support, for love.

We can do this together.

We have faced new seasons before.

We will be given grace for the moment

Please, Lord, let this new season simply be another way to show Your grace,         Your strength, Your faithfulness.

Let this new season be a Holy Time.